Hillary Skibell

Hillary Skibell is a well-loved Yoga Works teacher and teacher trainer in Marin County. She is known for her inspiring and soulful teaching that connects students to the deeper pulse and flow of life. She believes yoga is an alchemical journey that not only builds more strength and freedom in the body, but one that calls forth our authentic expression out into the world. Weaving together principles of alignment with an uplifting vinyasa flow, she offers students a physically challenging practice, embraced with heart and spirit. Infused with music inspiration and time for personal reflection, classes support you in accessing greater strength, open-heartedness, and vibrancy.   Hillary’s  integrative approach Breathing Room, blends the practices of yoga, transformational coaching, and life style design.  She will guide you to remember your radiant nature and uncover what is possible not only on the mat but in your life beyond. Hillary lives in Mill Valley, California and teaches classes, workshops, and retreats both locally and abroad.

Upcoming Programs by Hillary Skibell